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Ege University Textile and Apparel Research and Application Center, which was established in 1988 and sharing the same facilities with Textile Engineering Department, is the first center at its working area among Turkish Universities.


a) Establisment, Purpose and Function


The purpose of establishment was to make practical research and development works in textile and apparel and to train staff in these fields. In 1994 the center was departed from  Engineering Faculty and connected to Rectorate.


The services that are also performed by the Center are:

  • to follow the newest technologies and to adapt them to Turkey and to give educations about them.
  • to increase the efficiency and quality of Turkish Textile and Apparel Industry, to decrease the energy and material wastes, to show the routes.
  • to make the necessary research and development works over production of the native, inexpensive, but qualified textile machinery and textile auxiliary agents
  • to make trials in pilot plants in order to develop new products.
  • to give objective service for quality and expertise.
  • to arrange conferences, symposiums, seminars and courses about the developments in Textile and Apparel industry in order to contribute Turkish Economy.


b) Facilities and Plants

Ege University Textile Research and Application Center is sharing the same facilities with Textile Engineering Department. “Textile Pilot Plant” was operated by Engineering Faculty Textile Engineering Department first, then connected to  Textile Research and Application Center. Textile Pilot Plant is consisted of 7 Units:

  • Cotton Spinning
  • Wool Spinning
  • Weaving Preparation and Weaving
  • Knitting
  • Non-Wovens
  • Textile Finishing
  • Apparel

The Center also has Physical and Chemical Textile Testing Laboratories.

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